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A consultation for a potential client(s) is a 15 minute phone conversation with a potential client and one clinician. The purpose of the consultation is for the clinician to introduce and review the services provided at Honestly Olive. This is an opportunity for a potential client to convey their interest and goals in therapy and briefly addressed current psychological concerns. The consulting clinician will determine whether the potential client is within scope to receive services at Honestly Olive. The consultation screening will end with the consulting clinician scheduling the appropriate and recommended treatment for the potential client (e.g., initial assessment, group therapy screening, psychological testing).


Price: Free

Consultations for potential clients

A consultation for established clients is a 15 - 30 minute conversation with an established client and one clinician. The purpose of the consultation is to address non-emergency or non-crisis situations a client may have. The consulting clinician will determine recommended services at Honestly Olive. Click here to learn more about insurance and payment options.

Price: $30 - 50

Consultations for established clients

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